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A new wave and a big idea

Over the past couple of years we couldn't help notice a move towards local, sustainable, and handmade products.  Food, garments, gifts, are just some of the commodities that seemed to be making the shift.  And the shift continues to grow. It still seems like there is a resurgence of farmers markets, local food delivery services and craft & fashion shows that celebrate the hardworking and creative people that surround us in our communities.  

Consumers opting for local and handmade products, over the mass-produced, greatly inspires us.   We felt like we too were also part of this wave, searching for something better, something small-scale, something with a personal touch.  

At Laparelle, we appreciate and value the aesthetic of the handmade.   Something that you won't find in any store at the mall.  This is the idea and the inspiration that became Laparelle.

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